Mental Health - Immigrant Mental Health Services
Programs that provide health advice, temporary health insurance, mental health services, education, parenting information, and more. Some of the programs in this list are sensitive to the cultural differences of immigrants, and can help them to navigate the health system.
service Health and Well-Being Services Provided by: Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers
Edmonton 10030 167 Street   10030 167 Street , Edmonton, Alberta T5P 3W4
780-423-9696 (Team Lead)

Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers   11713 82 Street , Edmonton, Alberta T5B 2V9
780-423-9696 (Team Lead)

Millbourne Market Mall   7629 38 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta T6K 2N2
780-423-9696 (Team Lead)

organization Multicultural Health Brokers Co-Op
9538 107 Avenue , Edmonton, Alberta T5H 0T7